*SUNSHINE Brands...

Fashioned after the enabling rays of the sun to stimulate the mindsoothe the soul and warm hearts

An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!

Grows appreciation for who you are NOW and who you continue to grow into - allowing you to take the needed time to be with self.

Sales price $23.00 (Workbook included)

Corporate Snippets - Dear Leader:

Mini-letters to business leaders helping them embrace the benefits of nurturing the hearts inside their community.

Price $15.00 (Workbook Included)

***" target="_blank">YES

Three delightful and energizing slices to help young hearts appreciate, embrace and grow their budding strengths and powers as they step purposely and boldly to a great future.


(Ask about our Pay-It-Forward goal of 5,000 free YES into the hands of young hearts!!!)



  • The Books of Snippets - TBOSS!   SUNSHINE books that will make you feel good, empower you to love self and enhance your love for others - a full circle of love.