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Like the empowering rays of the sun,  SUNSHINE Brands stimulate minds, soothe souls and warm hearts

The Snippets Network
  Our brand identity fashioned after the empowering rays from the sun to stimulate the mind, soothe the soul and warm hearts.

1.TSN Online Learning-Laughing-Loving Community

a.  An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!   

We take courses to improve a skill or learn a new task, why not one that is fun, engaging, entertaining, empowering and most of all loving? Two such courses headline our online community, and best of all one is FREE and one is specially priced for the entire month of July!

2.  Corporate Snippets

a.  Legal and Identity Theft protection for family & biz.

b.  Business Solutions - Dear Leader: Series for loving your      inside community (coming soon)

3.  The Books of Snippets (TBOSS)

a. Feel good, feel love books warming hearts today,                   tomorrow and always! 

TSN (home of  SUNSHINE Brands) 


An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!
Launch July 1st
Celebrating Independence Day 2017
(Original  $69.00 - month of July course & workbook $10.00)

18 Jupiter Lane...

We laugh with them, cry for them and cheer them on as they fight a storm so severe it cause them to fight for the essence of their soul.   Can we believe a place such as 18 Jupiter Lane exists?  A place shrouded in mystery and healing where aching, wounded, lonely, and lost hearts resides.

Can we believe ordinary people can influence mental healing?  Could there be such a place where love has no bounds or is this just a hope existing in our minds?

Five heart-warming stories of love, courage, and magic at 18 Jupiter Lane where a 19th-century guardian and a 21st-century dead heart reside.  We pray for them, we cry with them and we cheer them on as they face a storm so severe it will have them running for the rest of their lives or - just maybe, it will help them reclaim their hearts.

88 SnippTips for the Snippetpreneur's Heart!

Whether business, religious, civic, social or youth, most communities lack two essentials.  

Many lack a spirit of sociability and genuine care and attention for its people.  

This lack often creates an impersonal and cold spirit in their community.  Care and attention for people were heartfelt forces most prevalent in successful mom and pop shops of old.  This people-focus attitude fed hearts making people feel good about themselves and their community.  

88 SnippTips for the Snippetpreneur's Heart!  --  Focus on people, stimulating a spirit of engagement nurturing allegiance, team spirit, love of self and love for others. 

Corporate Snippets - feeding hearts good by raising them up in the business arena!

Two Universal facts:

1.  Hearts will feed.
2.You own the power of the feed.

What you feed your heart creates the guts, the energies and the motivations of your life. Here are five simple, yet amazing ways to feed your heart the good fruits of life - five ways that embody spiritual, creative, intellectual, emotional and social motivations feeding your heart good today, tomorrow & always.

Young-hearts Energize System 


“Motivate - prepare - empower young hearts”

User-friendly, portable tools teaching young hearts to declare, to plan,and step boldly and purposely to future goals... 

Keeping Hearts Fed/Words Have Power!


Book one align hearts with three of life's most contagious influencers: Loving Learning Laughing through twenty-five Expressions starting with Angels and ending with Love...

Book two highlights the power of words, the ones we say to others and the words we say to ourselv es.  Words to build up, tear down, propel forward to stop us in our tracks.

Is the future far away or just around the corner?

A Planner/journal for young hearts based on three powerful words "YES, I Will".

These potent words combined with the efforts of TODAY helps young hearts dream big, plan with intent and step boldly to the future they desire and deserve.

Why The 32 Days and Ways of Snippets...for the Young @ Heart! 

Because a future is too close and too valuable to chance ...

especially the future of young hearts.


 Our SUNSHINE Brand will feed and empower your heart ...

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