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88SnippTips...for the Snippetpreneur's Heart!


Your business culture is not a cold desolate entity - it has pe rsonality with the ability to nuture staff and customers.

Your business has a heart!

The SnippTips are success tools feeding the hearts in your community!


* Keeps focus on people, the most important aspect of a heart-centered enterprise.


* energize and boost sales meetings and brainstorming sessions.


* grow rewarding relationships.


Creates engagement to connect with the workforce, customers, and community.


* Maintains awareness and thoughtfulness of others.


* Connects personal attributes with professional practices for growth


Simply, these 88 SnippTips keeps knowledge in motion between leaders and workforce cultivating better relationships

Great tool for Managers, Supervisors, Human Resource, Public Relations, Snippetpreneurs and anyone realizing the benefits of strengthening their care of others in the business arena...


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