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A placewhere love lives, blossoms and spreads!


*SUNSHINE Brands...

Fashioned after the enabling rays of the sun to stimulate the mindsoothe the soul and warm hearts

 Women Practicing Extreme self-Care (WPEC)

FREE Introductory course

An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!

Grows appreciation for who you are NOW and who you continue to grow into - allowing you to take the needed time to be with self.

Sales price $23.00 (Workbook included)

Corporate Snippets - Dear Leader:

Mini-letters to business leaders helping them embrace the benefits of nurturing the hearts inside their community.

Price $15.00 (Workbook Included)



  • The Books of Snippets - TBOSS!   SUNSHINE books that will make you feel good, empower you to love self and enhance your love for others - a full circle of love.