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A placewhere love lives, blossoms and spreads!



SUNSHINE - our brand identity fashioned after the enabling rays from the sun to stimulate the mind, to soothe the soul and to warm hearts. 

TSN Online Learning Laughing Loving Community!

FREE Introductory course:


Women Practicing Extreme self-Care (WPEC)


An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!

  • Grows appreciation for who you are NOW and who you continue to grow into.

  • Allows you to take the needed time to be with self.

  • Increases mindfulness of and care for others.

  • A reminder of the awesome powers of helping others.

  • No exams, timed limits or email finals, only an enhanced appreciation for bringing more learning, laughing and loving in your life and the lives you touch.

  • Extremely affordable with a lifetime of use.


Course priced separately -  bundled $10.00


Valuable and affordable legal and identify protection products empowering individuals, families and businesses.  A great marketing opportunity - great for additional or supplemental income - why, because a great service and great for everyone.


Our SUNSHINE BOOKS!  Tiny books that will make you feel good, empower you to love self and enhance your love for others - a full circle of love.