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Dear Young Leader:

Posted by TR Johnson Ford on November 12, 2015 at 8:05 AM

Dear Leader:

Yes, you, no matter your title, position, rank, job description or age.

Age!  Yes, age.   Now - what would our world would look like if young hearts view themselves as Leaders?

Let us explore this phenomenon…

Would it put a halt to bullying? Maybe - a leader’s approach is set to enhance someone’s spirit, not dampen it. In an act of bullying, other leaders would not engage in this type behavior. Young leaders would step up to the plate suggesting a better way of handling the situation, turning that bully into a true leader.

Would young hearts continue to feed from and act out from a lack of self-esteem? Would they continue to feel isolated and alone, feeling they do not fit in?

With the mindset of a leader, they charge ahead creating their own path not worrying about being just like everyone else. They do not give in to the feelings of isolation by not being part “of the pack”. Indifference from others hurt, but do not crush as they are confident in who they are and move forward marching to their own tune.

Young hearts viewing themselves as leaders have pride in their own uniqueness. They believe in their talents and strengths to better most any situation. They do not fear asking for help realizing it is not a sign of weakness, but a way to grow.

Young leaders realize the price of power is helping others. They have more empathy, awareness and concern for others. They realize life is circular; what they give out returns, so they take pride in sharing themselves.

A leadership mindset starts within, manifests, grows and spreads. Young hearts viewing themselves as leaders creates a society of caring and helping youth fostering a culture of leaders making a difference today and tomorrow.

Youth Empowerment System (YES)

The 32 Days and Ways of Snippets for the Young @ Heart (T32DWS…;)

Because the future is too close and too valuable to chance - a tool promoting the power of today for the reality of TOMORROW.


Keeping Hearts Fed/Words Have Power

Book 1 reminds us we have the power of choice to feast from life’s good fruits or merely feed. Book 2 embraces the art of one’s own voice, the words they speak to themselves and those they say to others.


Remarkable People ALWAYS B.Y.O.B.

A mindset expecting the best allows us to bring aka deliver our best in all we do. This tool enhances inner strengths as a way to grow bettering our best.


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