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Who Is Your BEST Customer?

Posted by TR Johnson Ford on August 17, 2015 at 7:40 AM

Who is your Best Customer?

How well do you treat him or her?

Business success is all about delivering great experiences for people, those coming through your corporate doors and those responsible for opening those doors.

Let us say your products are the best, but could it be that smile, the thank-you, the willingness to go the extra mile, or the “I’ll take care of you attitude” that will have people walk through your doors again and again.

Recognize the value of these intangibles, as they often outweigh physical assets.

It is crucial to treat your inside community, those delivering and servicing, as well as you treat your best customer. Make your inside community a top priority. Strive to be a workplace that complements its people rather than viewed as a complicated necessity.

When your inside community feel appreciated, valued and cared for, these feelings blossom and spread to the people they serve. Taking extremely good care of your inside community is a win for all.

We can get consumed with our customer, and forget about our employee.

Nurture your people.

They make it all happen.

From The One Minute Entrepreneur.


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