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                                                                              HEAARTS/The Snippets Network - a brand with heart!

                               We feed hearts good!

Fact #1  
Hearts will feed

Fact #2 
You own the power of the feed...

It's all about the feed - the feed creates the energy and guts of our lives.

   Raise Them Up! 

feeding hearts good in the business                                       arena...

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Coming Soon!

18 Jupiter Lane!

Enjoy the riveting journey of Joseph and Learesse.  One from the 19th century, one from the 21st, both with wounded and lost hearts, both afraid and running for their lives.  Laugh with them; cry for them and cheer them on as they fight for the essence of their soul.

Now, the agless question - is 18 Jupiter Lane a place of mystery and special influence or is it the inhabitants?